Tesla moves battery production from Germany to the US

Tesla is moving its battery manufacturing facility from Germany to the US.

according to the electrek portal.Thus, buyers of electric vehicles from Tesla will be able to receive a federal tax credit of $7,500. In addition, as the authors of the portal note, over the past three years, Tesla has been working on the creation of its battery cells of the new 4680 format. Tesla is currently producing them at its pilot plant in Fremont, California, but the automaker is expanding large-scale production of cells at Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin.

Last year, Tesla had problems withproduction of batteries at the Gigafactory in Berlin, and even then it considered the possibility of moving equipment for the production of batteries in the United States. Tesla recently confirmed that it is looking to increase production of its new 4680 battery pack at its Gigafactory in Texas. The cells will be used to increase production of the Model Y at the plant and launch the new Cybertruck later this year.