Tesla Model Y electric crossover officially introduced

As promised by Ilon Mask, on a specialan event in the design studio of the American brand in Los Angeles, Tesla introduced a new car - a compact electric crossover Model Y. The novelty is built on the same platform as the "budget" sedan Model 3, and not much more expensive. At least in the basic version. Buyers will be offered 4 configurations of electric vehicles: Standart Range, Long Range, Dual Motor AWD and Perfomance. For the very initial model (Standart Range) will be asked from 39,000 dollars. The cost of the top version itself can reach $ 60,000 (along with options).

As noted, the Standard Range modificationwill have to wait. It will go into production only in 2021. This version will offer a range of 370 kilometers. The price for the Long Range starts at $ 42,700. This option has a power reserve of 482 kilometers and will go on sale next year. Pre-orders for the new model have already started.

As one of the options costing $ 3,000, the buyer will be able to equip the electric car with additional seats, the number of which can reach seven.

In Russia, sales of new items will capitalTesla Moscow Club. Exact car prices in our country are not called yet, but they will be higher than in the USA because of customs duties. Tesla Moscow Club has already promised to bring the new product to Russia "as quickly as possible." The guys visited the presentation and a ride in a novelty.

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Tesla Executive Director Ilon Mask statedthat the new production lines for the Model Y electric crossover will be ready in 2019. However, given the history of the previous launches of the company, one has only to hope for the exact observance of the deadlines. At the same time, Tesla believes that the new crossover will sell well. Back in January, in a conversation with investors, Musk expressed confidence that the demand for a new compact crossover would be higher than that of the Model 3. And, judging by the general statistics of sales of SUVs in the US, everything is quite possible. Well, Americans love all sorts of SUVs and pickups more than regular sedans.

The first pilot of the Model Y will come down withGigafactory 1 in California. Later, the release of Tesla compact crossovers will be launched at a new enterprise in China, which will be called Gigafactory 3.

Model Y got two electric motors and willoffered with battery packs of various capacities. Acceleration to "hundreds" of the new electric crossover in the Performance version will overcome in 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 240 km per hour. The Model Y version in the Long Range version with two motors to “hundred” will accelerate in 4.8 seconds, with one motor in 5.5 seconds.

The crossover got the traditional side mirrorsinstead of cameras. Also, Tesla engineers decided to abandon the use of branded rear doors, which the company calls the "falcon wings." According to Ilona Mask, such a decision significantly complicates the process of production of the car and its final cost. The drag coefficient of the Model Y is 0.32. The novelty received a short front overhang and a panoramic roof. The cabin has a large 15-inch display, which is “tied” management of most functions of the electric vehicle.

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