Tesla Model S demonstrated a jump through the speed bump (video)

Tesla cars have been repeatedly involved inextreme conditions, they are often used as a symbol of speed. One of the company's personal cars, Tesla Roadster, Ilona Mask continues its flight into space. A year and a half ago, in Canada, a Tesla Model S sedan was actually accidentally shot in a video of a railway crossing an obstacle. Recently, the Tesla Model X crossover demonstrated its decent speed characteristics in an artificially modeled stunt.

The Tesla Model X “flight” video wasshowcased on Twitter by blogger David Dobrick. Presumably, the "fun blogger" personally performed the stunt trick, inspired by the inconclusive series of "Fast and the Furious."

Twitter feed on the streetsLos Angeles rushes at high speed Tesla Model X, which literally soars into the air on artificial bumps and flies about ten meters. Then the car lands smoothly and continues to move on, without visible damage.

It is noteworthy that Ilon vigilantly following TwitterMusk immediately reacted to the stunt jump of the car, in a concise statement in the form of a single exclamation point. You can interpret such a comment in different ways, either as an assessment of the capabilities of a car, or as a rejection of violations of road rules. In a playful style, Dobrik also answered the exclamation point, suggesting that now his Tesla has lost the right to guarantee.

All Tesla cars show excellentdriving safety indicators. Now fans are wondering if the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck pickup, which was spotted on the roads of Los Angeles the same day, is capable of such tricks.