Tesla Model S car exploded in the parking lot, damaging nearby cars

From 2013 to today wasAt least 14 cases of Tesla cars ignited, and most of them occurred after the accident. On the evening of April 21, a seemingly impossible thing happened in Shanghai - a Tesla Moldel S car parked in a parking lot on its own fire and exploded. At the same time, he damaged neighboring cars, and now Tesla is trying to figure out what caused all this. Sales of a company in China depend on the results of the investigation - if the reason was substantial, they may noticeably fall.

Video from the surveillance camera quicklyspread through the social network Weibo, which in China is as popular as Twitter in other countries. Such publicity can seriously harm the company's sales in the Asian market, although it is already building its own Gigafactory factory there, where it is planned to assemble new Tesla Model Y crossovers.

We immediately sent a team to the scene. At the moment we only know that no one was hurt, ”Tesla announced.

With all this, analyst Alan Kang from LMCAutomotive believes that if the incident turns out to be accidental, and there are no serious malfunctions in the cars, Tesla’s reputation will not tolerate changes. The fact is that Tesla's consumer base in China is not particularly conservative, since the country has long been promoting the electric car market.

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Tesla reminded in advance that the riskelectric car fires are still 10 times less than vehicles with internal combustion engines. The company's fleet has 500,000 vehicles that have traveled more than 10 billion miles, which proves their safety. Anyway, the explosion of a calmly standing car still seems a strange phenomenon, and the company should get to the bottom of the truth.

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