Tesla Model S may lose lead in autonomous range race to Lucid Air (video)

Indicator of autonomous driving range on onebattery life is Tesla's main advantage over numerous competitors. However, from now on, Elon Musk gets a serious competitor - a Lucid Air car that can compete with the autonomy of the Tesla Model S, the recognized world leader in this sector. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer Lucid Air, Lucid Motors, was founded and is headed by Tesla people who were closely involved in the development of batteries and Model S.

The future first production electric car LucidMotors, introduced to the public as Lucid Air, will receive an autonomous driving range of 832 km (517 mi), up from the previously planned 643 km (400 mi), according to a recent developer announcement. The current record for the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus with a 100 kWh battery is 647 km (402 miles) and is calculated according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) methodology. The distance traveled by Lucid Air cars was measured according to a similar EPA scheme.

Consumer's key power reserve indicatoron a single battery charge, Lucid Motors measures with the involvement of independent experts from FEV North America. EPA SAEJ1634 testing is conducted at test stands in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The test results, during which Lucid Air broke the Tesla Model S record with 517 miles, have already been presented on the Internet, but the official data will not be released until the spring of 2021.

Formerly Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson,who previously led the technical department that developed the Tesla Model S, said that the Lucid Air premium sedan will surpass the Model S in interior luxury, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h (2.5 seconds) and will cost $ 100 thousand. The company provided outstanding characteristics of autonomy by reducing the weight of the car, effectively using recuperation during braking and, most importantly, reducing the drag coefficient to 0.21 (0.23 for Model S).

Battery capacity that Lucid Motors was able toprovide high autonomy until disclosed. However, according to insiders, we can talk about 130 kWh. The official presentation of the production model Lucid Ai will take place on September 9, and the first cars of Tesla's competitor will enter the consumer market in the first quarter of 2021.

Source: electrek