Tesla Megapack is built in the UK - a battery capable of powering 300,000 homes for 2 hours

In East Yorkshire what's in the UKwork is nearing completion on the creation of the largest energy storage device in Europe based on Tesla Megapack batteries. The system will be able to store up to 196 MWh of electricity and deliver it with a capacity of up to 98 MW. A full charge of the batteries will last about 2 hours to provide electricity to 300,000 homes.

The battery was recently connected to the substationlocal power distribution network. The work was carried out ahead of schedule in anticipation of a difficult winter against the background of the energy crisis in Europe. At the same time, the main electricity supplier for the Pillswood project battery is still not ready and will be connected to the grid within the next year. This is Dogger Bank's large offshore wind farm, a gigantic and ambitious UK project that will produce up to 4.8 GW of electricity when completed in 2026.

The first two phases of wind farm commissioningDogger Bank will be completed in 2023, which will take full advantage of the Pillswood battery complex. The battery will be able to smooth out consumption peaks and store energy during the hours of the least load on the power grid. Without this complex, wind generators would have to be shut down during low consumption hours.

For Tesla, this is the third project forUK deployment of Megapack batteries. All projects are handled by the local company Harmony Energy Limited. Previously, Tesla produced battery packs with a capacity of 15 and 68 MWh for the customer. For all the convenience of lithium batteries for storing energy, they have one unpleasant property - the possibility of accidental ignition. Megapack batteries have already been on fire in Australia and the US.