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Tesla made mechanical ventilation from Model 3 parts

The CoVID-19 pandemic takes thousands of lives every day,but according to experts, the peak incidence has not yet occurred. Moreover, in some countries the situation is already quite difficult - intensive care units are overwhelmed with infected new coronavirus, and there are not enough mechanical ventilation devices (IVL) for all. Let me remind you that in the case of a severe course of the disease, the membranes of the lungs are filled with liquid, which causes shortness of breath, and in some cases leads to death from suffocation. At the time of this writing, the largest number of SARS-CoV-2 cases have been reported in the United States. Given all of the above, Tesla Ilona Mask announced the development of ventilators from spare parts Model 3. We tell how the engineers succeeded.

Ilona Mask company introduced a prototype of ventilators based on Tesla Model 3

What happens in the USA with coronavirus?

The situation with the spread of the new coronavirus inUSA got out of control. There are several reasons why the country has the most CoVID-19 infections, but most journalists from leading publications, including The New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic and others, believe that the country's leadership initially underestimated the danger of coronavirus. Be that as it may, the President of the United States of America Donald Trump previously said that the country came out on top in the number of cases of coronavirus due to mass testing of citizens. It is possible that Trump and his critics are right. However, regardless of the reasons, the situation in the country - and mainly in New York - is difficult.

As in the whole world, the hardestdoctors and nurses. Due to the large influx of patients, New York hospitals are crowded and people are lying right in the corridors. At the same time, medical personnel do not have enough personal protective equipment - according to The Verge, the medical center in Minnesota does not exclude an early closure, as hospital personnel lack protective masks. It is important to understand that this situation is observed in hospitals throughout the country. However, the lack of personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses is not the only problem.

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At the time of this writing, there are more coronavirus infected in the US than in any other country in the world.

So, 323 hospitals across the country from 23 toOn March 27, a serious shortage of coronavirus tests and mechanical ventilation devices was reported. Let me remind you that the ventilator helps to saturate the blood with oxygen, since the lungs themselves can not cope with this task. Connecting to ventilators saves the lives of people in serious condition. The lack of mechanical ventilation in Italy led to the fact that doctors had to decide which of the patients will live and who will not. Read more about how ventilators work in our material.

How will Tesla produce ventilators?

In a new video published on YouTube channelcompanies, Tesla engineers demonstrate two versions of the ventilator: a prototype of the apparatus with components laid out on the table, as well as a finished model that shows how the apparatus may look when used in a hospital. In March, Tesla CEO Ilon Musk promised to produce ventilators after New York Mayor Bill De Blasio turned to the company for help.

Tesla engineer presents a prototype ventilator, frame from video

In addition to developing your own designMusk said he also buys devices approved by the Ministry of Health and sends them to hospitals. Initially, the head of Tesla SpaceX faced a wave of criticism over tweets that the panic over the CoVID-19 pandemic is stupid. Obviously, in the first couple, the entrepreneur underestimated the danger of a new coronavirus. However, despite criticism, Mask engineers are working hard to develop mechanical ventilation devices that can save thousands of lives. Moreover, judging by the published video, the work on mechanical ventilation is progressing well.

Which companies help hospitals during a pandemic?

It is noteworthy that not only Tesla intendsupply hospitals with ventilators. According to The Guardian, British companies are pooling resources to develop their own designs of ventilators. So, one of the most famous manufacturers is Dyson, which received an order for 10,000 fans from the British government.

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Also about the plans for the production of apparatus forventilators and other vital equipment have been announced by companies like Ford and Apple. So, Tim Cook announced the production of protective screens for doctors around the world. And this is very good news, since coronavirus enters the body, including through the mucous membrane of the eye, so doctors and all medical personnel need not only protective masks. Read more about how the company intends to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in the article of our colleagues on