Tesla lost a billion dollars for 2018, but Ilon Musk is not discouraged

Last year, Tesla faceda huge amount of problems. As it turned out, all this hit hard on her financial condition - a corporate report showed that in 2018 the company lost almost $ 1 billion. Against the background of this news, Ilon Mask announced the immediate dismissal of Tesla CFO Deepak Akhudzha - he will leave his post in a few months. Nevertheless, the company maintains an optimistic outlook for the future, because it has good results.

Situations when Tesla lost a lotThere was a lot of money in 2018. What is the cost of the scandal and the trial because of the tweet Ilona Mask about his intention to turn Tesla into a private company? The company also had big problems with the production of the Tesla Model 3 car, after which 7% of its employees were laid off. Many problems also arose due to problems with Takata airbags - because of them the company was forced to withdraw more than 14,000 of its own cars from China.

According to the Washington Post, the company alsospent about 700,000 dollars on personal flights Ilona Mask. Tesla spokesperson Dave Arnold explained that such movements are an important part of Tesla’s business, and one cannot do without them:

We do not yet know how to teleport, and he [Ilona Mask] does not have another opportunity to conduct business as effectively.

In November, the head of Tesla admitted that 2018turned out to be the worst in his career. He recalled that at some moments he worked about 120 hours a week, and this aged him 5 years ahead. He acknowledged that competing car manufacturers produce excellent cars and that in order to maintain leadership, companies need to invest a lot of effort in their work.

Tesla's financial success

With all this, in the financial report of Tesla there arevery positive side. In 2018, the company received record revenue of $ 21.4 billion. Also, do not forget that in 2017 the company was in an even more difficult situation - then its expenses reached $ 1.9 billion.

The company has very optimistic views onthe future - she is confident that every quarter of 2019 will bring good profits. Ilona Mask has a lot of intriguing ideas in his head - for example, he assures that the future Tesla Roadster will be able to hover above the ground.

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