Tesla learned how to order parts yourself

Tesla has released a new softwarean update for their electric cars, giving them the opportunity to independently diagnose the integrity of parts and, if the client so desires, independently produce pre-orders for new parts, reports the Electrek portal, which managed to receive an official comment from an American electric car manufacturer.

If the car notices a malfunction in some kindsite, he can independently order the necessary part in the nearest authorized repair center for the client. The owner of the car can add to the schedule in a special application Tesla a note about the need to visit the service center, where by this time it will be waiting for the part to be replaced.

Earlier this year, Tesla executive director Ilon Mask said that “high-quality and convenient service is the top priority” for the current quarter in the company's life.

“I would like to remind one important detail. This quarter we must significantly improve the quality of the services we provide, ”Musk said at an internal meeting.

For this purpose, the company has already launched a number ofinitiatives. For example, it improved the efficiency of the chain of production and delivery of spare parts for its electric vehicles to end customers, simplified operations to provide replacement for broken owners' cars, improved the quality of technical support, including the automatic call of a tow truck in case of serious breakdowns and so on.

The company notes that when detected duringautomatic diagnostics of broken parts, the owner of the electric vehicle will be able to cancel the automatic pre-order of the desired part, but they add that in this way Tesla wants to maximally automate emergency maintenance and repair of their cars.

The company compares this function with the ability to “skip the visit to the doctor and go straight to the pharmacy to find the right medicine.”

Such an interesting proactive approach tomaintenance of their electric vehicles, which is likely to allow faster return of a broken car back into service. The only pity is that Tesla has not yet learned how to repair itself. But, I think, even before this is not far away.

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