Tesla launches the most powerful 44 kW Solar Roof

The largest solar roof in existenceTesla's Solar Roof Solar Tile technology has been installed at the ChoZen Retreat (Zen Retreat) in Florida. The 44kW unit using Powerwall batteries becomes Tesla's largest solar-producing device for ordinary consumers.

Solar Roof Tile Technologybased on the use of a special roofing material with built-in solar panels. Tesla nearly tripled its Solar Roof production and installation in the last quarter of last year. According to the tireless and richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, this is Tesla's most "killer product" to date.

I just installed the largest (44KW) solar roof inFlorida @teslaenergy @ ChoZen Retreat @livechozen, Thank you @elonmusk for creating this game changing product! Everyone should have one and now the 26% fed tax credit has just been extended! #teslaenergy #gosolar #elonmusk

- Tony Cho (@TonyChoMrMagic) December 30, 2020
Tesla has developed roof tiles withbuilt-in solar cells, resulting in a durable roofing material that simultaneously generates electricity. The previous record holder for the largest roof covered with Solar Roof was a private house in Florida with a capacity of 24.3 kW.

New roof under sun shingles outperformsits predecessor is almost double in power and provides up to 80% of the electricity required by the meditation center. The accumulation of electricity is carried out using four proprietary Tesla Powerwall batteries.
Tesla's record-breaking achievement was named by Elon Musk as "one of the best Tesla Solar Roof installations."