Tesla introduced the first home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet.

It looks like a regular Wall Connector

Today, Tesla launches new homecharging station designed for a modern home. The new Wall Connector is the first automaker's decision on a charger in the house, which can be connected directly to a power outlet and not wired through the electrical network of the house. The charger can be connected directly using NEMA 14-50 - the most common high-voltage plug in the United States.

This is a departure from Tesla’s previous strategy, but it makes sense. Wall Connector will allow home owners to install a high-voltage charging system in a house without an electrician. Just plug it in.

New charging from Tesla

The new Wall Connector offers fastercharging time than the second generation Mobile Connector, which also comes with a NEMA 14-50 plug. The new offer provides up to 40 amps for most Tesla vehicles, while the Gen 2 Mobile Connector is 32 amps. And the connected Wall Connector recharges even faster. Tesla wants to add a new product between the two previous chargers: it is faster, looks prettier, but slower and cheaper than a complete wired solution.

And it looks like a new one

For $ 500 you can get a complete solution for your electric car. Included is a 12-meter cable, the colors - only silver.

To electric cars "breathing" fullbreastfeeding, they need an extensive and modern infrastructure - refueling power stations and chargers in homes. At the end of December 2018, Ilon Musk promised to spread the network of Supercharger filling stations throughout Europe in 2019. Responding to a question posed on Twitter, Musk stated that “from Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey,” in 2019, all of Europe will be equipped with fast electric refueling stations.

Well, believe this statement? 2019 will show.