Tesla increased the power reserve of their cars without changing the volume of batteries

Recently, Tesla cars started worsesold, but the company quickly found a way to attract the attention of buyers. As expected, it updated the Tesla Model S and Model X cars, equipping them with permanent magnet synchronous engines, new transmissions and cooling and lubrication systems. The update really benefited - the electric cars had a noticeably increased power reserve on one charge, and this despite the fact that the volume of batteries remained at the same level.

Updated cars are able to drive on oneThe charge is 10% more than before: the maximum power reserve of the Tesla Model S is now 595 kilometers, and the Tesla Model X is 523 kilometers. These indicators are relevant for the “medium” modification of the Long Range, but in addition to it there is an improved Performance version and a “standard” version of cars, the sale of which was stopped in 2018, but resumed in 2019.

Prices updated Tesla Model S:

  • Standart - from 68 750 dollars;
  • Long Range - from 78 750 dollars;
  • Performance - from 89 750 dollars.

Prices updated Tesla Model X:

  • Standart - from 73,950 dollars;
  • Long Range - from 83 950 dollars;
  • Perfomance - from 94 950 dollars.

With increased power reserve, battery capacitynot changed, and is 100 kilowatt-hour. But, according to the manufacturer, they charge as much as 50% faster - the main thing is to use the Supercharger v3 charging station.

New transmission also affects accelerationcars: standard Tesla Model S accelerates to 100 km / h in 4 seconds, and modification of the Long Range - in 3.7 seconds. For the same modifications of the Tesla Model X, these figures are 4.6 and 4.4 seconds, respectively.

Also noteworthy is the new that adapts the air suspension to the driving conditions. For example, to reduce air resistance and reduce speed, the system can lower the suspension, and with aggressive driving, increase it for greater responsiveness.

Owners of updated cars waiting for anothersurprise - Ludicrous Mode, which increases the power of electric motors. For everyone else, it costs an extra $ 20,000, but buyers of the new Tesla Model S and Model X will get it for free.

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