Tesla has released the most powerful and expensive residential solar power system (3 photos)

Tesla Corporation actively participates in the programcreating renewable energy sources based on generating electricity using the energy of the sun. Over the past years, residents of private households in the United States have been able to get acquainted in real-life conditions with solar power plants produced by the Tesla Energy division of three types of power 3.8 kW (small), 7.6 kW (medium) and 11.4 kW (large). Now the company Ilona Mask expands its range and produces an ultra-powerful power plant X-Large.

X-Large specifications allowserve houses with an area of ​​more than 370 square meters, and the capacity of such an installation is 15.2 kW. According to the developers, the most optimal consumer of X-Large will be households whose electricity bills reach amounts ranging from $ 340 to $ 460 per month.

The new plant will generate 33% more energy than the largest of the previous Tesla stations. On average, X-Large will be able to generate from 58 to 77 kWh of electrical energy per day.

The price of a new power plant from TeslaEnergy in California will be $ 39,093, excluding the subsidy program, with a subsidy, the consumer price will drop to $ 27,365. However, homeowners will not only be able to buy the X-Large installation, but also get a rental with payment of 195 dollars per month.

Source: electrek