Tesla has developed an electric sunroof for interior lighting.

Some cars have a very interestingtechnology - “smart” tinting, which dyes the glass in a dark color with a special film with electronic control. Judging by the recently published patent, Tesla has improved this technology by equipping the film with tiny LEDs. As a rule, electrically tinted glass is used on the hatches of automobiles - perhaps in the future their showrooms will be illuminated with just such innovative glass.

Patent application states that the main purposetechnology - to control the level of light Tesla cars throughout the day. With the electric film, located in the middle of the two transparent glass hatch, it will be quite feasible task. So, in the daytime it can be painted in a dark color and not let the sun's rays through. At night, the glass will be able to illuminate the interior thanks to tiny LEDs.

The text of the application noted that the ownerscars will be able to adjust the intensity and shade of light through the interface on the screen of the car or the mobile application. It is noted that the light will be emitted from the sides of the film, therefore elements will be located between the LEDs for its uniform distribution.

Tesla engineer Jung Min Yuen, who joined the company in 2016, is listed as the author of the invention. Prior to that, he worked at Apple, and developed the latest displays for its devices.

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