Tesla has built a "house on wheels" to advertise clean energy

The best way to show meritits products - to give people the opportunity to try and feel it. That's what Tesla did, having made a compact residential trailer, which carries the Model X crossover. A cozy house called Tiny House. Its roof consists entirely of solar panels manufactured by the company, and Tesla Powerwall energy storage system is located on one of the walls.

Belenky Model X so far travels only onAustralia He appears in the city, stops in a crowded place, Tesla employees leave the salon and begin to talk about the benefits of clean energy to everyone, inviting them into a residential trailer. The house is completely made of environmentally friendly materials. Inside, guests can familiarize themselves with the power system it is equipped with, evaluate its capabilities, with the help of Tesla employees, calculate the cost of such a solution for their own home and manage solar panels and the battery using the application on the smartphone.

The decision to launch such an advertisement in Australia,probably due to the fact that there is a lot of sun, but earlier the company stated that the Tesla solar shingles are suitable for northern countries as well. You can get acquainted with the tour of the house on the site. The place and time of the presentations are also indicated there.