Tesla has a new competitor. With a large power reserve, and even on solar energy

Dutch company Lightyear introduceda prototype of a five-seater electric Lightyear One equipped with solar panels mounted on the roof and hood and allowing the car to "refuel" on the go. But this is not the only distinguishing feature of the novelty. The main advantage of the new electric car is its power reserve, which turned out to be higher than that of any other electric competitor in the market.

Lightyear One Electric Vehicle Specs

According to the declared technical manufacturersfeatures of the new Lightyear One, the length of the car is 5,057 millimeters, width - 1,898 mm. The height of the car - 1 426 mm. The electric car is equipped with four electric motors and a battery pack, the capacity of which, unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet reported. At the same time, it is indicated that the power reserve of their new product is 725 kilometers from a single battery charge, which is almost a quarter more than the most charged Tesla version from Ilona Mask - Model S. In the latter, this figure is 595 kilometers. Up to 100 km / h the Dutch electric car accelerates in 10 seconds.

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Features recharging electric Lightyear One

Electric vehicle battery refills are provided withusing solar panels placed on separate body elements with a total area of ​​5 square meters. According to the manufacturer, for each hour spent in the sun, these panels add 12 km to the power reserve. In other words, the owner of the car, after traveling 30 kilometers to work in the morning, after 8 hours will be able to get an additional 96 km of travel even without connecting Lightyear One to the power grid. However, the manufacturer explains that the actual number will depend on the region of use of the electric vehicle and the time of year. As an example, an option is given when the car moves in the Netherlands, where the climate is very humid, and the sun is not so bright. In the summer, solar panels will be able to add about 30 kilometers per day, and in the winter - only about 7 kilometers.

Of course, the manufacturer has provided the possibility of charging the batteries and using more traditional methods - at special electric stations or from a regular outlet.

How much is this miracle of technology?

The company accepts preorders for its new product.however, the offer is still limited to only 500 copies. For the right to reserve a car, the potential owner will have to pay 119,000 euros (about 8.5 million rubles at the current exchange rate) from his pocket. Upon receipt of Lightyear One in the official sale of the cost of an electric "sunmobile" will be already 149,000 euros (almost 10.7 million rubles). A lot of money for the opportunity to feel the onset of the future, it should be noted. For a similar amount, you may be able to purchase the best electric car today (according to surveys) (of course, Tesla, which car has such “chips”), cover the roof of your house with solar panels, and go to the restaurant for change.

The Lightyear One will be launched in 2021 in the mass production of the "solar".

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