Tesla found how to solve the Model S and Model X fire problem.

At the end of April 2019, the nextTesla car fire case - true, this time the car caught fire suddenly in a parking lot in Hong Kong and there was no driver inside. It took the company two weeks to investigate the causes of the problem and find a solution. Nobody is going to call off thousands of cars: Ilon Mask has chosen a different path.

According to a Tesla official statement,the company will release a special software update after a car accident in the parking lot of the mall. Engineers admit that the fault in the battery charge and temperature control settings was to blame. However, the problem can be solved with a regular software update, which will eliminate such incidents in the future and extend the battery life.

At the same time, the Model S, which caught fire, wasonly a few battery modules were affected, and most of the battery pack was not damaged. The company noted that rechargeable batteries are designed in such a way that if “in rare case” there is a fire, it will slowly spread and remove heat from the cab. The point is to give passengers time to exit the vehicle.

In Tesla also once again reminded thatelectric cars are much less at risk of ignition than cars with petrol or diesel engines, and the aforementioned case became an “unpleasant incident”.

This is not the first time Tesla batterybecomes a cause of fire. A year ago, the driver of the Tesla Model X had an accident in Mountain View: because of severe damage, the battery caught fire and it was not possible to save the victim. Witnesses to the incident reported that they saw a fireball at the scene of the accident. In September, Tesla Model 3 electric cars proved their safety in spectacular crash tests, but as you know, perfection has no limits.

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