Tesla electric cars get updated software with access to Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and karaoke

Tesla Developers Continueto improve the software and announced the release of Software Version 10.0 - the most ambitious update for electric vehicles, which is already available in Model S, Model X and Model 3. The first update will come for users who paid for the Full Self-Driving package.

The largest software update announcedwill allow drivers to get many new entertainment resources such as Spotify Premium, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu (with live streaming). For traffic safety reasons, video viewing will only be available while Tesla is stationary in the parking lot. The Spotify service, which is very popular among Tesla drivers, will be available continuously. On the car display, when streaming music via Bluetooth, the covers of the music albums will be displayed.

To empower drivers, there will bea new karaoke function has been proposed, allowing you to sing along to music, and lyrics will be broadcast on the car display. The music library supports several languages ​​at once. In addition, the first level of the Cuphead game will be available in Tesla Arcade.

The changes also affected driving. The call of the electric car received the new name Smart Summon and acquired new features available to owners of the Full Self-Driving and Enhanced Autopilot packages. Now Tesla will be able to independently leave the parking space and arrive at the driver, however, Smart Summon only works in line of sight.

Video data received during the protectiveSentry Mode will be stored in a folder separate from other content. When Joe Mode is on, all sounds inside the cabin are muffled so as not to disturb passengers' sleep. Using the new features of the mobile application, drivers received many updated remote options when driving.

Source: TheVerge