Tesla develops a car with rocket engines

Tesla, which is currentlythe manufacturer of the most famous electric cars, was founded by Ilon Mask in 2003. The first car of the company was the Tesla Roadster, which was released only five years after its foundation. At the moment it is no longer for sale, but the company is developing its updated version, which will not only be more powerful than the previous one, but will also acquire rocket engines. About the upcoming news for a long time was not heard, but recently Ilon Musk shared some details.

The first talk about the updated Tesla Roadsterappeared back in 2011, but its preliminary version was shown to the public only during the presentation of the Tesla Semi truck in November 2017. The company said that the novelty will be the fastest Tesla car and will be able to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.1 seconds, although it was previously announced that it would take 1.9 seconds to accelerate to a hundred.

The fastest car Tesla

The most intriguing feature of Tesla Roadster2019, of course, was the possible presence of rocket engines. They will be provided by the aeronautical company Ilona Mask called SpaceX. If the company keeps its word and really installs ten of these engines, the car may even be able to fly.

If flights will be impossible, then sportselectric car, at least, can accelerate to impossible for ordinary car speeds and will be better fit into the turns. We can find out what Tesla with rocket engines will be capable of already at the end of 2020 - Ilon Musk hopes that it is then that they will be able to begin testing the Roadster. This is quite possible, because the version without the so-called “SpaceX package” should go on sale next year.

Salon car Tesla Roadster

In early 2019, the head of Tesla commentedan image in which a car hovers in the air. According to him, the new version of the Roadster will also be able to float in the air. For how long he will be able to get off the ground and why it is needed is still unknown.

Dream car Ilona Mask

One day, Ilon Musk shared that the new Roadster2020 will be better and cheaper than the McLaren F1 car, which he dreamed of in his young years. Back in 1995, he, together with his brother Kimball, founded the company Zip2 and developed a platform that allowed news publications to post their articles on the Internet. In 1999, the first company, Ilona Mask, was bought by the computer manufacturer CitySearch for $ 304 million.

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After Ilon Musk became a millionaire in 28years, he faced the question: to buy a house in Palo Alto, or the car of your dreams? The young millionaire chose the one and the other - the good, the home was much cheaper than the McLaren F1. At that time, he was considered the fastest car in the world and was released in the amount of 106 pieces - that is why its value was more than 1.2 million dollars. In 2000, a young entrepreneur broke his pet during a trip with businessman Peter Thiel, who was involved in the creation of the PayPal payment system.

The first car Tesla

The first version of the Tesla Roadster was made in 2008until 2012 - a total of 2,600 copies were collected, worth about 110 thousand dollars. The car accelerated to 100 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds, and its battery charge was enough to cover 400 kilometers. It took about 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

This is interesting: NASA officially registered the car Ilona Mask as an astronomical object

One of the sports electric cars in color“Midnight Cherry” belonged personally to Ilon Mask. In 2018, this car was immersed inside the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle and was sent into space, straight toward Mars. He has already flown past the Red Planet, and must again approach the Earth in about 2091. This will happen, of course, if he does not collide with an asteroid or other space objects.

Tesla Roadster car inside Falcon Heavy booster

Other new Tesla

In 2020, sales are also expected to start.Tesla Model Y Electric Crossover For an additional fee, owners will be able to install additional seats in the salon to fit 7 people.

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