Tesla demonstrates serial solar panels for roof mounting (3 photos)

Companies organized by Elon Musk decidethe most diverse problems of mankind. The company Tesla, in addition to organizing the production of environmentally friendly cars, is developing panels for solar panels, which can be installed in droves on the roofs of individual and public buildings and houses.

The production of such solar panels started in2016, and their installation allows not only to deal with environmental problems looming over humanity, but also to significantly reduce energy bills. Currently, Tesla developers have introduced the third generation of solar roof panels, declared to be the most effective for mass use, due to the simplicity and low cost of manufacture.

Tesla specialists are counting on installing around1000 roof mini power plants per week. Formal deliveries of a new series of solar panels will begin shortly. The basic, most compact installation covers an area of ​​186 m2. The installation price is 33.95 thousand dollars, with a tax of 8.85 thousand dollars. This price is almost 10 thousand dollars less than a similar installation with traditional solar panels.

According to the statement, the mask will receive even greater savingshouseholds that require repair or replacement of the roof. Tesla provides a guarantee for the panels themselves, the roof and the work performed for 25 years. The company currently offers one roof color, but plans include expanding the color scheme.

Source: techcrunch