Tesla cars will be less likely to create emergency situations on the oncoming lane

Tesla car owners can getAn advanced version of the autopilot only by paying extra money, but the security features based on it are free. Serial models are already able to independently produce emergency braking and prevent side collisions. Now, the owners are available two more security features that prevent a head-on collision when accidentally entering the oncoming lane and accidental roadside trips.

Additional security features work evenwith autopilot turned off. At the moment, the update was released only for Tesla Model 3, but in the near future it will be distributed to all cars that came out after October 2016. This means that the functions required equipment Autopilot 2.0 and above.

Enhanced Tesla Safety

The first of the new features is keeping track oflanes. If the car starts to leave it and the system notices that the driver’s hands do not hold on to the steering wheel, he starts giving notice of danger. If the driver continues not to take control in his hands, the car slows down to 25 kilometers per hour and turns on emergency lights.

The second function is triggered when leaving for anotherlane and the detection of a possible collision, or when the car approaches close to the edge of the road. In these cases, the car returns to its own lane. This function is activated every time the car is turned on, but the driver can turn it off in the settings.

Recently, Tesla made more extensive changes toyour cars. We are talking about the release of new versions of Tesla Model S and Model X, which have an increased power reserve in the presence of the same batteries. As the manufacturer managed to achieve this, you can read in our material.

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