Tesla cars will be able to automatically call a tow truck in case of a breakdown.

Tesla is constantly improving itscars, but from the breakdowns while driving no one is insured. A malfunction can be found right in the middle of a busy road — it can be either a serious electronics failure or a banal wheel release. In any case, the driver will have to call a tow truck and contact the service center. During a recent conversation with investors, Ilon Musk announced that in the coming years he intends to speed up car repairs.

In particular, he talked about two new ideas. First of all, he wants to equip Tesla cars with an automatic tow truck call function when it detects a serious breakdown. Secondly, he intends to seriously check the status of service centers and make sure that they always have enough spare parts for repairing electric vehicles.

Ilon Musk hopes to shorten the timewaiting for evacuation machines. To implement the automatic call feature, companies will have to establish a partnership with evacuation service providers. To do this in a couple of large cities will be easy, but it will be extremely difficult to deploy technology on a large scale. Also, the company should come up with protection against false positives - most likely, drivers will be able to cancel the call through the control panel.

As for the service centers, Ilon Musk is verydispleased with their work. He declared that the strategies of some of them are “completely stupid,” and it is important for them to completely change the attitude to certain processes. For example, one of the service centers in China is faced with the fact that when ordering spare parts from China, his package is first shipped from China to the United States, and then returned to his homeland.

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