Tesla car owners can follow the progress of their repairs.

In early March, Ilon Musk announced the closureTesla retail stores and the transition to online sales. The new strategy allowed it to significantly reduce the cost of its cars, and now the “affordable” Tesla Model 3 costs $ 35,000 - that is the cost attributed to it during the 2016 announcement. In addition, the founder of the company promised to improve the after-sales service of cars. The first step has already been taken - the owners were able to monitor the repair status and receive notifications about its completion.

New feature appeared after the updateTesla mobile application. Having opened it while the car is being repaired, users can see what the masters are currently doing. For example, the application shows the status of waiting for parts, finding the car in service and its readiness for use. After repair work, the application sends a notification.

The company assures that in the future the quality of repairwill constantly grow. To do this, she will generously invest in the development of services and will make the service available in every country where Tesla cars are sold. The company will also ensure that service centers do not allow spare parts to wait too long. Earlier, Ilon Mask said that one of the centers of China ordered parts from a local manufacturer, and they were delivered the longest way through a completely different country.

Long parts delivery seems to be the most importantproblem of Tesla service centers. One of the authors of the publication Electrek shared that recently it took the entire 4-day service center in Montreal to understand that they could not order winter tires. Because of this, the repair process was greatly delayed.

It is noteworthy that the owners themselves can also repair Tesla cars. Especially for this company issued a guide to repair them and even allowed to sell parts to anyone.

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