Tesla can share technology with other automakers.

Tesla may open its patents to other companies. This will be an unprecedented case in the history of the manufacturer of electric vehicles.

At the annual meeting of shareholders of Tesla in the Museumcomputer history in Mountain View (California) founder and CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is taking serious steps to accelerate the spread of electric vehicles. And these steps concern company patents.

When a few days later, the journalists of the BBCMask was asked if he was going to reveal his technological secrets, and the successful billionaire replied that he was going to do just that. Musk believes that in order to destroy technological barriers, you need to open access to patents.

On the recent launch of the Model S in Britain, Musk alsoconfirmed the release of an inexpensive version of its popular electric car, which will be available over the next three years. The car will cost about $ 35,000.

The new model is unlikely to be named Model E,which was previously mentioned in the media. The copyright holder of this name is Ford. This made Tesla look for another name for its budget electric vehicle.

In the meantime, preparations are underway to launch the Model X, which will begin shipping in 2015.