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Tesla autopilot feature will be available by subscription

Already few people are surprised by the fact that the companyTesla offers the world something new and breakthrough. At first it was electric cars in general. Of course, they existed before that, including some of the first self-propelled carts in history were electric, but only Tesla was able to breathe new life into this technological direction. Then she began to engage in solar energy, batteries and other benefits that can make our life easier, better, more enjoyable and more environmentally friendly. And the company is engaged in the development of unmanned automobile transport. Given the prospects of the direction, I would like to believe in the correctness of the problem statement. But there is one “but” in this autopilot, which we will talk about today. As you might think, this “but” is not technological. It is rather financial.

Autopilot will soon become the norm in our lives. Thanks to him for the company Tesla.

Autopilot Tesla

Everyone (normal people) understands that the labor of others invested in development must be compensated, and the money - to return. This applies to any business project. The return can be both money and other benefits that are of interest to the company. It happened with the Tesla autopilot, for which the company asks for money. True, now she decided to slightly change her approach and choose a slightly different model for the distribution of her miracle function.

Tesla is working on a pay-as-you-go subscriptionusing the package "Full independent trip" to make autopilot functions more accessible. This will appeal to those who just want to try how this system works, but are not ready to pay a lot for it right away.

KamAZ can also. Not so long ago, he introduced the Continent tractor with a hybrid engine and autopilot.

The autopilot Tesla has several fundamentalthe difference is how this idea is being implemented by other market participants who want to impose the struggle of a famous company. The main of these differences is Tesla's rejection of lidars (depth scanning sensors). Instead, the emphasis is on computer vision technology, which itself is able to analyze what is happening, like a human eye. For such an analysis, the computer needs almost nothing but a pair of cameras. So the system is very compact and does not require the installation of a complex and bulky lidar.

Lidars are installed on the roofs of these cars. So-so, huh?

Tesla executives have believed for many years that the problem of automatic control has become purely software. That is, technical tracking toolsvehicle position on the road reached a very high level - it remains only to write the correct software. That is why almost all Tesla cars have been equipped with cameras for implementing automatic control functions. You can add software for them remotely.

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How much does Tesla with autopilot cost

Most importantly, Tesla has launched a preliminaryselling a fully automatic control package in their cars long before they planned to completely complete the work on the software.

Tesla remotely disabled the autopilot on the Model S after reselling the car.

This is a pretty bold move that has undergonesevere criticism. Some complain that this is confusing to customers. They think Tesla cars are already capable of completely independent driving, but it is not. The company was also criticized for the frequent change in the price of the package up and down, especially against the background of the fact that there were no functions themselves.

In this video, the autopilot avoided further collisions after hitting the back. A man would not be able to.

At first it’s scary to remove your hands from the steering wheel, then you are pulled in.

The new distribution model will allow people not tobuy an autopilot system right away, and pay for it only when they use it. So it will be much more convenient, and most importantly, cheaper. It is one thing to pay immediately $ 7,000 for a car’s function and quite another to pay for it (or parts thereof) gradually for several dollars, each time getting into the car and including the autopilot.

Are you ready to entrust your life to a robot that will lead you at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour? Great topic for discussion. See you in our Telegram chat!

Such a model may be even more profitable.For the company. The whole world has switched to a subscription system, since it is much easier to get a user to pay often and a little bit than once and a lot. Therefore, having tried, many "sit down" on the product and are willing to pay again, and again, and again. As a result, they spend even more money, and the manufacturer receives a more stable and higher income. Everything is in the black.