Tesla announced an unmanned vehicle without a steering wheel and pedals

Its founder spoke about the new Tesla project intime of a recent financial conference. The billionaire not only announced a fully autonomous branded car, but also announced the expected release date for it.

During his earnings reportThe company's businessman announced the forthcoming release of an unmanned taxi without a steering wheel and pedals. According to him, mass production of such cars will begin in 2024. The head of the company claims that the novelties will receive a futuristic design, and their design will be optimized to ensure the lowest cost per kilometer of travel - cheaper than public transport.

It is worth noting that Tesla's previous attemptsto bring “autopilot” technology to market has always faced claims from US regulators. Now the optional driver assistance system installed in branded electric cars still requires the presence of a person behind the wheel. In the long run, according to Musk, the greatest success of the company will bring the creation of a humanoid robot. However, since last year's announcement, the company has not yet told anything new about its project.

Source: youtube