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Tesla is unstoppable: Model S breaks its own autonomy record

Remember how a few years ago everyone was talking aboutIs an electric car wrong? They claimed that it must be constantly charged, that it travels a very short distance, and in general, of course, this is the future, but it will be very soon they can be used with comfort. Tesla has already proved that these were all just prejudices, and they were only behind the fact that the automakers could not offer anything like this, unlike the company Ilon Mask, which devoted all its efforts to developing electric vehicles without engaging in internal combustion engines at all. As a result, this led to the fact that now we have a car that can drive on one charge more than it is recommended that a person drive without stopping. So now she continues to set new autonomy records.

This already cool car will now travel even greater distances.


  • 1 Why Tesla is so popular
  • 2 What is Tesla's mileage on a single charge
  • 3 What's New in Tesla Model S Long Range Plus
  • 4 New Tesla V3 Supercharger Charging Station
  • 5 How Tesla Will Develop

Why is Tesla so popular

The secret to Tesla's success, as I said, is that she threw all her strength into electric transport and made the main bet on him. Large manufacturers of traditional cars are simply connected by the fact that they must produce and develop ICEs so as not to lose buyers. If such a “production machine" stops, it can no longer be started.

Another important component of Tesla's successIt is that the company and its engineers pay a lot of attention to the little things, which, albeit a little, make a contribution to the common cause, allowing each year to increase the autonomy of cars and increase their charging speed.

I'm not talking about software that allows cars to be even cooler, offering each buyer what he needs. As a result, the combination of all these factors gives rise to a good product for which buyers are willing to pay money.

Tesla is not a car, but a gadget that you can ride on.

Tesla mileage on one charge

At this stage in the development of electric vehicles,freedom to travel anywhere is critical to Tesla's growing popularity. Since the release of the first Tesla Model S in 2012, which could drive “only” 425 kilometers (265 miles), the company has continued to constantly refine the design, paying attention to those very little things. As a result, from year to year, car autonomy was only growing, and now Tesla simply has no competitors in terms of maximum mileage.

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Now a new autonomy record allowed TeslaModel S Long Range Plus cross a 400-mile milestone (approximately 645 kilometers). All North American cars will now travel just that distance from charging to charging. That's 20 percent more right awaythan the 2019 Tesla Model S 100D with the same battery design.

Tesla Model S 100D 2019.

This achievement was made possible thanks to the use of many seemingly small improvements in the car, which made it possible to achieve such a result.

What's New in Tesla Model S Long Range Plus

The car began to be produced earlier this year at the company's factory in Fremont, California. One of its most significant differences from previous versions is its lightweight design.

A large mass greatly affects energy consumption,which is needed in order to set the car in motion. This means that it is necessary to reduce the weight of literally each component, if this does not affect safety or reliability.

What are the differences between Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

Many weight loss technologists have previously beenused in Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Now they are gradually being used in Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Thus, the company opened new areas of weight reduction while maintaining all the properties of its cars. To reduce the total weight, the seats and drives were even redesigned.

Engineers also worked on reducing resistanceair. This also greatly affects the energy consumption when driving at speed. The company has created new tires with a width of 8.5 inches, which can reduce drag by themselves, and also have less rolling resistance. Only these two innovations gave an additional 2 percent range.

Only after working on the wheels can you increase mileage by two percent.

The reduction in the proportion of mechanical elements is alsohelped to get an important increase in autonomy. For example, the rear asynchronous drive used to use a mechanical oil pump, but now it uses an electric one. Its task is to optimize the lubrication process and reduce friction in any speed range. This also gave two additional percent to the maximum distance from charging to charging when driving on the highway.

Improvements also touched the regenerative braking system. Tesla uses a combined brake system - engine and pads. Now, thanks to the new regenerative engine braking system, more energy is sent to the battery than before. By itself, this does not increase autonomy directly, but it can slightly reduce the load on the battery, which leads to an increase in range.

Tesla autopilot feature will be available by subscription

New Tesla V3 Supercharger Charging Station

In addition to finalizing the cars themselves, Teslastrives to develop its system of fast charging stations that charge its cars as quickly as possible. In order to recharge the battery 100 percent, no need to leave the car at night. In the case of a special station, the bill goes for tens of minutes. It is enough just to relax a bit at a gas station, having a drink of coffee, and the car will be fully charged and ready to drive another hundreds of kilometers.

Such charging is almost the main option of Tesla.

Given that around 17 are installed around the world000 such stations, you can easily conquer vast distances, just forgetting what gasoline is. A further increase in the charging speed will make it possible to charge the car in about the same time as pouring a gas tank. Only several times cheaper.

And we are talking only about fast charging, but there isalso relatively slow, which can still charge the car in a few hours. Given that they appear in shopping centers (even in Russia), you can just go there and in the 2-3 hours that you spend in stores or in the cinema, the car will be fully charged.

Tesla can make an electric "minibus" based on Model 3

How Tesla Will Develop

While each of these changes is relatively small, together they give a very big effect. It is the introduction of such small and seemingly unimportant innovations that leads to the fact that Tesla every year more and more detached from its competitors. A new “Tesla killer” is constantly appearing, but cannot possibly kill her.

Killer Tesla from Izhevsk.

An additional factor in the success of the company and itselectric vehicles is a relatively low price for such a high-tech product. For example, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, which we talked about today, has recently become cheaper by $ 5,000. Everything seems to be fine, but as they say, "just started to live well, as life has become even better." I mean, unlike other machines, Tesla will also receive updates that can give it new features or just increase efficiency.