Tesla began selling branded USB drives up to 128 GB (4 photos)

For the first time, Tesla branded USB drives wereseen in videos showing the updated 2021 Model 3 electric vehicles. There was a USB connector in the glove compartment of the car, and the girl advertising Tesla was holding a flash drive with the company logo in her hands. The situation was immediately played up by Tesla fans, and journalist Jonna Crider sent a message to Elon Musk on Twitter urging him to sell the flash drive.

According to the journalist, the use of salesA simple product such as USB drives with the Tesla logo will give the company's fans another reason to support their favorite manufacturer. The appeal to Musk was sent on November 6, and now such products have appeared on Tesla's corporate website.

Tesla's proprietary USB drive is based onflash drives Samsung Bar Plus and retails for $ 35 in a gift box. The original Samsung drive is offered on Amazon for $ 18.