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Tesla will release an inexpensive car for 2 million rubles. What else is the company preparing?

Elon Musk regularly arranges meetings withshareholders of Tesla. During these events, he talks about the current state of affairs within the company and shares further plans. Usually he promises a lot, but ultimately his plans collapse. Perhaps that is why, during the September 22 meeting, the entrepreneur was surprisingly humble. He openly admitted that despite the public data on high capitalization, Tesla is not swimming in money... The company will soon show the worldupdated Tesla Model S with improved performance. The manufacturer is also developing an electric vehicle worth about $ 25,000. The built-in autopilot will be able to take full responsibility for driving, and the battery will be several times larger. But when can we expect a novelty and what other features will it have? Let's figure it out.

Meetings with shareholders are very important, because every news can affect the value of securities


  • 1 The cheapest Tesla car
  • 2 Updated Tesla Model S
  • 3 New Tesla Batteries
  • 4 Tesla's future plans

The cheapest Tesla car

Tesla unveiled a car in 2016Tesla Model 3. It was supposed to cost $ 35,000, so it was called "popular", that is, affordable for a large number of people. However, for a long time the car cost $ 40,000, and the decline in value to the promised mark occurred only three years later. And the low price did not last long and at the moment the car can be bought for $ 37,990.

Car Tesla Model 3

There are several modifications of Tesla Model 3 -the cheapest is available only in black and can travel 350 kilometers on a single charge. More expensive versions come in more colors and have better performance.

You need to pay extra for the color of the Tesla Model 3 body

During the September meeting with shareholders, it becameit is clear that the company may well produce cheaper cars. According to The New York Post, Tesla will release a budget electric car worth $ 25,000 in three years. At the current exchange rate, this is 1.9 million rubles, which is not so expensive considering the featuresthe promised novelty. The exact specifications of the new Tesla are still unknown, but it will definitely be equipped with a Level 5 autopilot. This means that no human intervention is required during automatic driving. For now, the driver needs to be on the lookout even when autopilot is on because accidents involving Tesla vehicles are common.

Tesla's autopilot recently tried to hide from the police. How is this possible?

Updated Tesla Model S

At the end of 2021, the company plans to releaseTesla Model S Plaid is a premium version of the popular electric vehicle. The power plant of the novelty will consist of three electric motors, and the drive will be full. The total power of the updated car will be 1100 horsepower. It is reported that the novelty will be able to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2 seconds. The maximum travel speed will reach 320 kilometers per hour. One battery charge should be enough to cover 830 kilometers.

Tesla Model S will become even more expensive

Pre-order Tesla Model SPlaid is available now. This car is certainly not a "popular" car, because even the basic equipment costs $ 139,990. At the current rate, this is more than 10 million rubles, which is a very significant amount. The refurbished cars will begin shipping to customers in late 2021.

New Tesla Batteries

The battery is the most expensive part of everyoneTesla car. The company currently uses Panasonic batteries and this collaboration will continue for the foreseeable future. The shareholders expected to hear news from Elon Musk about the release of their own batteries. The company is indeed developing them, but they won't appear in cars until 2022. Against the backdrop of this news, the value of Tesla shares fell by as much as 7%.

Contrary to expectations, Tesla did not please us with loud news about batteries

Tesla batteries under development are referred to as 4680. Elon Musk said the new batteries will:

  • 5 times more energy intensive;
  • 6 times more powerful;
  • more compact;
  • increasing the driving range of cars by 16%.

Characteristics of new Tesla batteries

Most likely they will be installed inthe aforementioned budget car and subsequent novelties. By using its own batteries, the company will be able to reduce the cost of cars. It is hoped that the price of Tesla batteries will be 50% lower.

Interesting fact: Tesla increased the range of its cars in 2019 without changing the volume of batteries

Tesla's future plans

According to Elon Musk, in 2020 saleselectric vehicles will increase by 30-40%. Earlier, he stated that the company will be able to sell 500 thousand cars per year and this promise may well be fulfilled. This will be a significant achievement for the company, because in 2019 it was able to sell only 368 thousand vehicles.

Tesla will make millions of cars a year someday, but it won't happen soon

Answering shareholders' questions, Elon Muskadmitted that Tesla "does not row money with a shovel." According to him, for the last four quarters, the company's net profit amounted to 1% of the total amount of money revolving around it. But the entrepreneur is optimistic about the future and he is confident that someday the company will be able to produce 20 million cars a year.

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In addition to passenger cars, Tesla alsomanufactures electric trucks. It is believed that they can save nature from pollution, but Microsoft founder Bill Gates does not believe in this. And that's why.