Tesla is close to creating fully autonomous cars

Restless billionaire Elon Musk once againset his company tight deadlines for the full implementation of ambitious plans. From the statement of the founder of Tesla, we can conclude that the company will be able to create a fully autonomous car this year that does not need a human driver. For the first time, Mask announced his intention to release Tesla fully autopilot back in 2015, promising to introduce a self-driving car in 2 years. Delay in fulfilling promises for Mask is not something new, an enthusiast almost always sets hard and seemingly unrealistic deadlines for the implementation of important projects. However, even with delays, almost all of his plans achieve the stated goal.

Musk made another big statement online.mode at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai. The ability of a vehicle to work offline is currently classified according to a five-level standard developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). According to Mask, as early as 2020, the Autopilot system will reach the fifth level of complete autonomy, which no longer requires human intervention when driving a car.

The statement said that Tesla decided everythingthe main problems for the implementation of basic functionality, which corresponds to the 5th level according to SAE classification. Tesla engineers will devote the remainder of the year to solving “minor problems” and will integrate all the best practices into the Autopilot system. On a statement from Mask, Tesla shares rose 3.1% in New York trading.

It is noteworthy that the optimistic statementTesla’s chapter does not coincide with the vision of the leadership of Waymo, the Alphabet division of autonomous driving systems. In January of this year, Waymo's chief announced that, despite the tremendous successes in creating autopilots for cars, for a long time to travel on land routes will require the presence of a driver-operator.

Also Cruise Automation, a divisionGeneral Motors, working in this direction, canceled earlier plans for the release in 2019 of a fully automated car without a steering wheel and pedals. New release dates for the self-driving car General Motors have not yet been announced. However, the head of Cruise has already said that in the US alone, the fully autonomous car market will be valued at one trillion dollars.

Autopilot system costingTesla owners of several thousand dollars will receive a major update over the next 3-4 months. Musk announced this several days ago on Twitter, stressing that the system will be completely redesigned. It is very likely that this will be the very “feature complete” Full Self-Driving package (fully self-managing with a full package of functions) that Musk has now announced at a forum in Shanghai.

Source: bloomberg