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Tempting professions that cannot be mastered in Russia

According to open sources, the worldthere are about 40 thousand professions. Their popularity is constantly changing and, if a dozen years ago everyone aspired to become lawyers and engineers, in 2022 specialists in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and psychology are considered the most sought-after people. In addition to these professions, there are others whose representatives are extremely rare - for example, among your acquaintances is there at least one greenkeeper? I bet most of you don't even know what these people are doing. However, I myself learned about this profession during the preparation for writing this article. Now we will talk about professions that would obviously not let you get bored and allow you to stand out among all the lawyers, doctors, salesmen and so on. Unfortunately, it is impossible to study them in Russia - these specialties are too amateur.

There are very attractive professions in the world, but it is very difficult to learn them


  • 1 Profession greenkeeper
  • 2 Profession flavorist
  • 3 Profession torcedoros
  • 4 Profession oenologist

Profession greenkeeper

One of the most unusual professionsextremely difficult to study in Russia, is the greenkeeper. It is really for an amateur and is suitable only for those who are seriously interested in playing golf. The Scottish sport that appeared in ancient times in our country is very popular except in the form of mini-golf. Full-fledged golf is available only to wealthy people, so it is not surprising that many people have not even heard of the profession of a greenkeeper.

Greenkeeper must be a good golfer

Representatives of this profession are agronomists,who know how to keep golf courses in playable condition. The duties of the greenkeeper include selecting seeds for sowing, planting sod on damaged areas of the field, watering the grass, mowing the lawn, and so on. The dream of every greenkeeper, of course, is to work in one of the golf clubs. They also exist in Russia, for example, Skolkovo and Zavidovo. The salary of greenkeepers starts from 30,000 rubles.

Apparently, greenkeepers are allowed to ride on such cars

To become a greenkeeper, you need to unlearnfaculty of landscape design and grassland. After that, according to the same sources, it is necessary to contact the Russian Golf Association, learn the game and inform about the desire to become a greenkeeper. After that, those who wish can be sent to study in another country. That is, in Russia itself it is impossible to learn this profession. This is not surprising, because there are only a few who want it.

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Profession flavorist

Flavorist is another very rare profession inRussia. Specialists in this industry are developing food flavors from ingredients that are safe for the human body. Unlike perfumers, representatives of these professions cannot experiment much, because the tastes they create must be as close to natural as possible. That is, they cannot create the aroma of the conventional “coffee and cigarettes”, but must create the aromas of fruits and other good-smelling things from chemical elements. It is thanks to them that we have juices and other products with the smell of blueberries and cranberries - natural berries do not smell so strong, but experts were able to enhance their aroma.

For the taste and aromatic properties of many products, we owe flavorists

To work as a flavorist, you must firstbecome a chemical or food technology specialist. But there are no special places for learning this profession in our country - in most cases, people learn the subtleties directly at work. And there are vacancies in this area, salary at the beginning of work is at the level of 30,000 rubles, but with a set of experience can increase to several hundred thousand.

However, not everything is so bad with the profession of a flavorist in Russia - there are enough specialists in this field

Profession torcedoros

Specialists in this field are engaged in twistingcigars with tobacco leaves. Before starting work, the leaves are sorted by size, color and quality - to make a quality cigar, you need to get rid of damaged fragments. Folding the sheets and forming the cigar requires the utmost care, because any wrong move leads to marriage, and the leaves are expensive.

The profession of a torsedoros requires extreme accuracy

This profession has a lot of subtleties, sotraining lasts about 10 years. Moreover, you can learn this business only in Cuba, at a cigarette factory. There are no good torsedos in Russia, because the demand for them is zero. But in the same Cuba they are in demand and receive from 1000 dollars and more.

We do not have articles about the harm of cigars, but about electronic cigarettes - in bulk. THEY ARE NOT AS SAFE AS YOU SUGGEST!

Profession oenologist

Oenologist is almost the same "luxurious" profession,like the previous one. They work in wineries and run wine laboratories. In particular, they study the drink for defects, and also try to identify problems in the composition in a timely manner. During the pouring of wine into vessels, he monitors the temperature indicators - this is very important for the quality of the future product. You can learn this profession at the faculties of oenology, but they can only be found in educational institutions in France and California. The salary of oenologists is usually not less than 100,000 rubles., but it all depends on the education received, the place of work and many other factors.

It is believed that the older the wine, the tastier it is. How about a 2000 year old drink?

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Perhaps among your acquaintances there are representativesthese professions - if so, write what else is interesting about them. And if not, share which of the professions mentioned above you liked the most and why.