Telegram in Russia can be used quite legally

Over a year and a half, the futileRoskomnadzor’s fight with the Telegram messenger, attempts to block which began in April 2018 at the request of the FSB. At present, it seems that the Internet battles are completed, the representative of the Ministry of Communications has given an explanation.

One of the most likely reason for the changesentiment was a statement by the presidential adviser on digital and technological development Dmitry Peskov during the international forum that Telegram is not banned in Russia, and he uses it. In addition, according to the statement of the official, a network of more than 150 leading universities of the country operates on the basis of Telegram.

Following the statement by the Presidential RepresentativeThe deputy minister of the Ministry of Communications explained that blocking is not a ban. Nevertheless, in the bowels of Roskomnadzor, work on tools for operational and widespread blocking of Internet services prohibited by law enforcement and regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation does not stop.

Source: RIA