Tele2 was the first in Russia to offer subscribers to switch to eSIM (3 photos)

The Russian operator Tele2 is the first in the countryoffered customers the option of switching to eSIM. This can be done so far only in 5 Moscow operator’s salons. From May 5, the service will be available in 83 more stores in the capital and the Moscow region. ESIM support does not extend to virtual operators operating at the facilities of the Tele2 network.

So, Tele2 became the first cellular in Russiaoperator, who offered their subscribers the transition to virtual SIM-cards. It is important that when switching to a new technology, it will be possible to keep the old phone number. You just need to go to the operator’s salon with a passport and submit an application. After that, a QR code will be issued activating the eSIM. The physical SIM card will stop functioning. A visit to the operator is still a mandatory issue point for eSIM, since Russian legislation has not yet regulated this type of service.

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It is worth recalling that the new technologyinvolves the use of an electronic SIM card embedded directly in the gadget (smartphone, tablet or smart watch). This module is available in some new mobile devices, including the latest models of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, and smart watches from Samsung, Apple and other manufacturers.

eSIM has several advantages over traditionalSIM-cards for both operators and subscribers. So, eSIM is simply impossible to break or lose, unlike the physical counterpart. In addition, thanks to this technology, you can use two SIM-cards in smartphones with a slot for 1 physical card. Also removed a few restrictions provided for virtual mobile operators. Now there are about 30 telecom operators in the world that support eSIM technology.