Tele2 operator will be able to connect eSIM in Russia

Using electronic SIM card technology,actively supported by Apple and Google, it was rejected by Russian mobile operators and the FSB, who expressed serious claims to the innovation. However, the Ministry of Communications decided to allow the connection of Tele2 subscribers using eSIM, which implies the ability of the subscriber to change the operator without replacing the physical SIM card. If the experiment is successful, the agency expects to expand the capabilities of customers to connect remotely without a personal visit to operator offices and filling out forms.

Permission received by Tele2, issuing QRcodes necessary to activate eSIM which was previously stopped by decision of the Ministry of Communications. Using eSIM allows the customer to independently change the carrier, whose profiles are recorded on a special chip in the smartphone.

Communications Ministry officials say Tele2 has decidedsecurity issues when working with eSIM cards and subscribers connected in April will be able to continue to use communication services. However, detailed technical details and the timing of the experiment were not disclosed. According to experts, Tele2 can connect up to 15 thousand new users with electronic SIM cards.

It is noted that for working with eSIM the usermust pass complete identification similar to receiving a physical SIM card. To work with eSIM in the operator’s cabin, the client must present a passport and only then they will be given a QR code. In the future, for remote activation of the electronic SIM card, the client will be able to use the public services portal or the MFC branch.