TECNO Announces Start of Sales of PHANTOM X2 Smartphone, MEGABOOK T1 Laptop and Sonic 1 Headphones

TECNO brand announced the start of pre-order of the new flagship PHANTOM X2, as well as the start of sales of Megabook T1, the first laptop

brand in Russia, and Sonic 1 headphones.Today, December 19, at 19:00, the official online presentation of TECNO will take place in the TECNO VK group and on Youtube. The brand representative will talk about the characteristics and features of PHANTOM X2, MEGABOOK T1 and Sonic 1, and viewers will have the opportunity to get new items.

The smartphone will be available for pre-order from 20December for 44,990 rubles on OZON, M.Video and DNS. Buyers of OZON can get 7,000 rubles cashback to their OZON account, M.Video - 5,000 rubles to their account in M.Video and Yandex Station Mini as a gift, DNS - Sonic 1 headphones and the possibility of installments for 24 months without a down payment and overpayments. The official start of sales of PHANTOM X2 in Russia is scheduled for December 26th. The laptop and headphones will go on sale in Russia this week. MEGABOOK T1 will be available in several versions - T1 i3 12 GB + 256 GB and T1 i5 16 GB + 512 GB, operating systems - Windows and Linux. The price starts from 39,990 rubles. The price of Sonic 1 is 3,490 rubles.