Technology "reverse printing" completely remove text and images from paper (3 photos)

Humanity learns to conserve natural resources inform of wood, recycling used paper, and now intends to go even further, reducing the volume of its processing due to repeated use of the same sheets of paper.

American scientists of two universities (stateNew Jersey and Oregon) developed a new simple method of removing text from paper, after which it can be reused up to five times. True, the paper in this case should be of high quality, at least semi-glossy.

Attempts to create similar removal systemsToners from paper were taken before, but they used a laser that damaged the polymer coating of the paper, and its reuse was impossible. In the new technology, instead of a laser, a special xenon lamp is used, located 38 mm from the surface of the semi-glossy paper. It generates intense flashes of broad spectrum light on it, the effect of which weakens the adhesion of the toner to the paper and at the same time does not damage it.

After that, it remains only to wipe the surfacepaper alcohol wipe. The paper takes on its original appearance and can be used again. True, some difficulties appear in removing red, green and blue. They are not completely removed because they do not absorb light as carefully as black. But if you cover them with black toner, they also disappear from the surface of the paper.