Technical characteristics of the new Intel Comet Lake-S processors for LGA 1200 socket

Intel Corporation is actively preparing for the conclusion tomarket for the new Comet Lake-S line of processors built using 14nm technology for desktop computing. The official presentation of the chipsets is expected to take place in the first or second quarter of 2020. However, insiders have already received information on rather detailed technical parameters of future processors, in which a new type of socket will be used - LGA 1200, which changes LGA 1151 introduced in 2015.

Marking the LGA 1200 connector, containsinformation on the number of spring-loaded contacts, the number of which is increased to 1200, which will provide a more stable power supply and expand the ability to transfer data. The dimensions of the connector remain the same as in the previous model and amount to 37.5 x 37.5 mm, the type of pressure mechanism will be preserved, which ensures compatibility with LGA115x processor cooling systems. Motherboards receiving LGA1200 connectors will be designed on Intel 400 series chipsets (Z490, W480, Q470 and H410).

Intel's Comet Lake-S Chipsbelong to the 10th generation of Core processors, are created using 14-nm technology and will have from 2 to 10 cores. Currently, all top-end desktop systems are limited to 8 cores. Insider information does not contain information about the technical characteristics of the top-end Core i9-10900K processor with 10 cores. However, it is known that the next most powerful Core i9-10900 processor with a locked multiplier will receive 10 physical cores with Hyper-Threading, operating at frequencies from 3.0 to 5.1 GHz, and having 20 MB of level 3 cache. Also claimed is a 65W TDP processor.

By marking it is easy to determine the number of cores: Core i9 will receive 10 cores, Core i7 - 8 cores and so on up to the younger model Core i3 with four cores. Hyper-Threading technology is supported not only in Core processors, but also in dual-core Pentium.

The slides that got to insiders show thatthe performance of new processors in multi-threaded tasks will increase by 18% compared to Coffee Lake Refresh, and with Windows workloads, growth will be 8%.

For entry-level platforms in the new lineup of 14-nm Comet Lake-S chips, the Xeon W lineup is designed, which will have from 6 to 10 cores and run on the W480 chipset.

Intel's new LGA1200 platform provides up to40 lines PCI Express 3.0 (16 from the CPU and up to 24 from the chipset), support for Intel Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), SATA ports 6 Gb / s, USB 3.2 Gen2 and other interfaces. Overclocking is supported on top Z490 boards.

Intel Ice Lake Processorsusing 10-nm technology, in accordance with all insider leaks was supposed to appear on the market no earlier than 2022. However, one of Intel's leading managers made an unexpected statement about the readiness to begin production of processors using 10 nm technologies designed for desktop platforms as early as 2020. Later, the information was slightly corrected, and the company said that the processors of this series are under development and the date of their entry into the market is still unknown.
It was also reported that HEDT processors Core i9-10000 (Cascade Lake-X) intended for enthusiasts will begin to be sold on November 25.

Source: wccftech