TCL will surprise five devices with flexible displays (2 photos)

As it became known to journalists, the ChineseTCL, which owns the rights to manufacture mobile devices under the Palm, BlackBerry and Alcatel brands, is working on at least 5 smartphones equipped with flexible screens. In confirmation of this, journalists found relevant official graphic models and patents for new items.

The two models, when decomposed, becomefull tablets. One folds the display inward, the other outward. There is no additional screen on the outside, apparently. Two more gadgets have the form of a folding bed. If you decompose them, normal tablets will not work. The display, of course, in each case will stretch, but will not be wide enough. Displays in these cases are also folded out and in. The most curious model is the fifth. This flexible smartphone easily turns into a “smart” watch. The device can be easily put on the hand instead of the bracelet. Although it is not known yet how durable and convenient it is.

Terms of readiness of development are unknown. TCL has previously promised to submit its own folding smartphone in 2020.