TCL unveils conceptual foldable and expandable smartphone (video)

During the DTC Technology Show events2021 in China, TCL has demonstrated a "crazy" smartphone model that combines the technology of a folding and at the same time stretching screen.

A video report about the new product was submitted by the userTwitter Fold Universe. A short demo video suggests that the concept presented is an early prototype for a new phone. A full-featured device does not yet have a fully optimized form factor, and the software is also not yet designed to handle such an unusual screen.

Essentially, TCL engineers have created a three-in-oneone. The smartphone folds with the screen outward, so there is no need for a separate external display. When folded, the smartphone has a 6.87-inch screen. When initially unfolded, you get a small tablet with a screen diagonal of 8.55 inches. At the next stage, the user will be able to stretch the screen to the left side and get a full-fledged 10-inch tablet.

Specifications, price and release timeon the market (if a decision is made on the serial production of the smartphone) have not yet been reported. The unusual device has one major drawback: too many new technologies and additional mechanical parts, which makes the smartphone potentially more vulnerable to breakage.

Source: phonearena