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TCL unveils 8K TVs with a diagonal of 75 inches and a refresh rate of 265 Hz

High-tech Chinese company TCL,one of the world's top three TV panel manufacturers, announced the creation of a 75-inch 8K TV display with a 265 Hz refresh rate, based on the innovative a-Si 4Mask 1G1D technology. The new technology is a further development of the first generation of 8K 1G1D technology introduced last year.

In a TV display presented by TCL withwith a diagonal of 75 inches, a resolution of 8K and a refresh rate of 265 frames per second is realized. Standard high-quality modern 8K TVs support refresh of "only" 120 Hz, and, therefore, the new product will be another step towards increasing the quality and smoothness of displaying images in modern TVs.

For the new displays, TCL has been able to increase the transmittance of H-HVA by 10% using the first generation of 8K 1G1D technology.

Except 75 '' 265Hz panelTCL unveiled the world's first 8K 120Hz 1G1D LCD display based on IGZO technology with a contrast ratio of more than 5000: 1, while reducing power consumption by 30% compared to analogues on the market.

Source: gizmochina