TCL showcases two flexible expandable display concepts (4 photos)

In line with the current trend of creatingmobile devices with resizable screen sizes, TCL has unveiled two prototype roll-up flexible displays at a virtual event at CES 2021. The devices are in the early stages of development and should not be expected to hit the market in the near future.

The first prototype from TCL is a smartphone withflexible flip-out AMOLED screen that transforms a 6.7-inch display into a 7.8-inch device. The developers note that the bending radius of the screen is 3 mm, and the total thickness of the device will be 10 mm.

The demo video also shows the secondthe company's concept using screens that are only 0.18 mm thick. In the video, a tourist far from civilization takes out a thin cylindrical object from his backpack, which unfolds into a fairly large computer screen. This concept ensures the maximum minimization of the useful space occupied by the innovative gadget.

The latter concept is realized in realthe prototype, however, unlike the one shown in the video, the device is still much smaller. TCL developers say they will bring a smartphone with variable screen sizes to the market this year. Whether this device is with a folding or folding screen, it will show the future.

Source: theverge