TCL NXTWEAR G smart personal glasses enter the Russian market

Chinese high-tech company TCLCorporation announced the start of sales in Russia of TCL NXTWEAR G personal smart glasses, which provide the consumer with the opportunity to use new innovative technologies when watching videos and playing computer games. TCL NXTWEAR G glasses, equipped with Micro OLED displays, are easy to use, have a stylish design, compact size and light weight.

According to the developers, when watching a video fromthe user is created the effect of being in a cinema hall with a 140-inch TV at a distance of 4 meters. This effect is achieved by using two displays with Micro OLED screens with a resolution of 1080p, aspect ratio 16:9, viewing angle of 47 degrees and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, as well as a system of lenses and stereo speakers built into the arms of the glasses. At the same time, the real diagonal of Micro OLED matrices is 0.71 inches, and the outer size of the lens screens is 1.65 inches.

TCL NXTWEAR G glasses do not have their ownbattery and receive video signal and power supply through the USB Type-C connector using the DisplayPort Alt Mode protocol. The mass of the device is only 100 grams, excluding the mass of the wired connection. When folded, the glasses have overall dimensions of 181x53x46 mm.

TCL NXTWEAR G glasses are compatible withAndoid-smartphones, tablets, hybrid devices and laptops from almost all leading manufacturers. In total, over a hundred devices are supported. Smart personal glasses TCL NXTWEAR G can already be purchased at the Technopark chain of stores at a price of 54,990 rubles.