Take Control of Your Smartphone: 3 Digital Hygiene Tips

Experts from the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo tell you how to maintain digital hygiene so as not to feel exhausted from the constant flow of information.

1. Reduce the number of push notifications

Pop-up notifications - news, weather, missed phone calls, text messages from all kinds of instant messengers and the long list goes on.

All this informational "noise" makes it difficult to concentrate, reduces work efficiency and steals time for a good rest.

Today, app developers do everythingpossible to get you distracted by their product as often as possible. Including thanks to such constant pop-up messages on the phone screen: new promotion, new feature, new opportunity, discount, sale ...

You can resist this. Turn off any unnecessary push notifications in your phone or app settings. You will become calmer.

2. Install a time tracker

If you understand that daily for a long time is notIf you can break away from gaming and social media, you can help yourself get out of your addiction by setting a time limit. When the limit (for example, 1 hour per day) is exceeded, the application will simply be blocked until the next day (the phone will work normally).

Check if your smartphone already hassuch program is preinstalled. If not, then there is a large selection of time trackers in online markets. In the case of a child's phone, parental control applications will help you.

With their help, you can set different frames forspecific applications on separate days. Thus, you will set the rules for applications, and not they for you. Draw clear boundaries between the real and digital worlds so you can spend more time in nature or with loved ones.

3. Arrange fasting days from social networks

With the rapid development of Internet technologies inthe last 5 years, the term "dopamine starvation" has appeared. Consciously limiting time for activities that are addictive. This includes all social networks, games, chats and other forms of online activities.

Receiving social "strokes" in the form of likesand cute sounds of notifications in chats allows you to get dopamine more often - a neurotransmitter responsible for motivation and reward. Dopamine receptors are set in motion while receiving what a person likes, and he experiences happiness.

The purpose of the dopamine detox is toforce yourself to rediscover the little joys of life. Let your level of happiness be influenced not by notifications from social networks and applications, but by a beautiful sunset, a good book or the opportunity to relax and listen to good music. Make a list of what you like best and start doing it by putting down your smartphone. Remember that you are in control of your smartphone, not you.

Source: Press Release Roskachestvo