T-shirt from this fabric will save you in any heat

Some clothing manufacturers equip theirjackets with health sensors and other electronics. Such functions are certainly interesting, but most consumers expect a very banal thing from clothes - it is important for them to warm themselves in the cold and refresh in the heat. Fortunately, some teams of researchers are well aware of this - for example, researchers from the University of Maryland (UMD) have developed a temperature-adaptive material from which you can make excellent sports T-shirts.

Researchers inspired fabric creationAn important property of the human body is that it exchanges heat with the environment through thermal radiation. Manufacturers of sportswear are already using bandwidth-enhancing materials, but their properties are constantly active, and not only when necessary.

To make the fabric react to changes in temperaturebody during physical activity, the researchers created it from a thread consisting of two fibers absorbing and repelling moisture. Due to the different reactions to moisture, when sweating the body, the fibers are pressed against each other - the threads become thinner and pores form on the fabric. The fabric also has carbon nanotubes, which increase its emissivity.

If you look at the whole picture,it turns out that during sports, the human body is cooled in two ways at once. First, it is vented through the pores in a T-shirt. Secondly, the nanotubes help the body remove more heat. When a person is calm and does not sweat, the material maintains an optimal temperature, and the person does not feel excessive cold.

To test the effectiveness of the fabric,The researchers placed it in a container with adjustable humidity. Measuring its transmittance, the researchers found that when the humidity increases by more than 90%, the transmittance increases accordingly to 35.4%.

Creating materials for the "clothing of the future"Many research groups and companies are involved. Sometimes they do not need to be created at all - at the end of 2018, the Fast Company firm released a graphene jacket, which also removes heat well and retains heat depending on environmental conditions.

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