T-shirt designed to hide the owner from external surveillance cameras

Modern man is constantly underby monitoring video cameras transmitting data to both government agencies and companies for commercial use. The development of artificial intelligence allows you to develop the effectiveness of a system for identifying a person by video in real time. This restriction of freedom encourages developers to offer various options to become "invisible" for cameras and identification systems.

One of these developments is made by scientifica team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IBM and Northeastern University. An innovative T-shirt “hides” its owner from neural networks and prevents identification using complex algorithms.

Previously proposed methods of hiding a person fromthe all-seeing eyes of Big Brother were not adapted for everyday use, were bulky, or immediately made people around them concentrate on a person who, for example, applied special coloring on his face or walks with a cardboard poster with a bright pattern on it. A new T-shirt can be used under normal conditions.

Scientists have shown several examples when an external observation system equipped with a personality recognition system simply did not see people who wore T-shirts with a special pattern.

According to the developers, get away fromartificial intelligence is not always possible. Testing showed that with digital identification, AI can be fooled in 79% of cases, and with physical, only 63% of cases.

The new t-shirts use a speciala drawing that uses the so-called adversarial constructions, designed to deceive the algorithms by “convincing” the AI ​​that the person is not in front of the camera.

Source: vice