Syncing iPhone to Mac with M1 chips causes apps to crash

Early reports of synchronization problemsAn iPhone or iPad with a new Mac based on an M1 processor appeared in December last year, just a month after the launch of computers based on Apple's proprietary platform. Users have reported the issue to the Apple community and on Reddit.

As reported by users after syncingiPhone with updated Mac using Finder, some applications cannot be opened. Immediately after trying to open third-party applications obtained from the App Store, they simply close on startup. A similar problem occurs when trying to update applications, as well as when installing new applications from the App Store.

One user also said thatapplications start to run again on the iPhone only after the smartphone is re-synchronized with the "old" Mac, in particular those running macOS Catalina.

Currently Apple cannot explainthe cause of the problem, so experts advise the owners of the Mac M1 not to sync it with the iPhone or iPad until the developers release the update that fixes the error.

Source: 9to5mac