Symphonic - interior smart speakers from IKEA and Sonos (4 photos + video)

Sonos and IKEA jointly developed 2 devices of the new Symphonic series. They not only perfectly complement the interior of the house, but also allow you to listen to music.

Symfonisk Book-Shelf is peculiarbookshelf, and Symfonisk Table Lamp with a desk lamp. The manufacturer has built in a column in each of them. The first gadget is a one-piece device that can be placed or hung on a wall horizontally or vertically. Permissible load - up to 3 kilograms. The lamp is composed of 2 parts: the upper one shines, and the lower one plays.

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Both devices are connected to Wi-Fi and controlledFrom the Sonos app, power is supplied from the outlet. Each of them can function independently and also become part of a multi-room speaker system. The shelf is priced at $ 99, the lamp at $ 179. They will be sold from August and only in IKEA retail stores.