Swytch kit will turn your bike into an electric scooter (2 photos + video)

The growing popularity of overloaded bikestraffic jams in megacities has led to the need to put on the market an inexpensive but effective solution for hybrid devices that use muscle power during sports and electric traction when solving transportation problems. Swytch startup developers offer the Swytch Kit, which allows you to transform almost any bike into an electric bike with decent features.

The first kit was launched on the market for two years.back and was called Swytch eBike Conversion Kit. The kit included three components: a front wheel motor with a power of 250 W, a control dock and a removable battery in a waterproof design. A similar package is provided for in the new Swytch Kit, the fundraising for the launch of which began at the Indigogo crowdfunding venue. A feature of both Swytch kits is a simple way to transform an electric bike into an ordinary bike, for which the user just needs to remove the battery.

Technical Parameters of the New Swytch Kit, bypower similar to the previous version, which is 250 watts for all trim levels. Major improvements have been made to the battery, which is 70% smaller and 50% lighter than the original version. The mass of the battery is only 1.5 kg.

In addition, a display appeared on the control unit,allowing you to adjust the power of the motor wheel. With maximum traction, the vehicle allows you to move on a surface with a 20% slope without using the muscular strength of the user, and with the help of a cyclist, a bike can also overcome 30% slopes.

When installing the Swytch Kit, changefront wheel, install the control dial on the pedal and place a docking station on the steering frame. The developers offer three versions of the Swytch Kit. In which, with equal motor power, only the battery capacity changes, and therefore the radius of the autonomous ride of the converted bike is from 35 km with a minimum configuration of up to 100 km for the top version of the Tour. The average equipment Pro provides for an autonomous journey of 50 km.

The cost of a set of Swytch Kit for registration on Indigogo will be $ 394 for the minimum version of Eco, up to $ 738 for Tour. Intermediate Pro will cost the user $ 490.

Deliveries of ready-made kits to the consumerscheduled for March 2020. Considering that in the few days since the start of fundraising, Indigogo accumulated about 385 thousand dollars, with the required 25 thousand to start, the project will receive a fairly good starting impulse.

Source: indiegogo