Swiss engineers introduced a drone with unique flight characteristics (video)

Using drones to solve numeroustasks in industry, commerce and government, requires devices of high maneuverability and controllability during the flight. Researchers of autonomous systems at the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich (ETHZ) demonstrated another drone that can fly and hover in any position and orientation.

The new unit rises into the air with 12coaxial rotor propellers mounted on six brackets, capable of independently rotating around its own axis by 360 degrees. The trajectory of rotation of the blades never intersects with each other, which allows the apparatus to move freely and, to turn around and hover in any position, at different angles.

One of the most effective applications forsuch an unusual drone design, according to the developers, is tracking various objects for a long time. The unusual design and kinematics of the drone allows him to conduct quiet surveillance for a long time.
The device can attach to any verticalto the wall with the help of special suction cups on the retractable "legs", turn off the rotary engines and thus continue the surveillance without losing precious energy. In addition, such an observation will be almost silent.

Inventors demonstrated uniquethe capabilities of the UAV, capable of flying with a cable attached to it, connecting the drone to the ground. Moreover, the orientation system of the device does not allow the blades to contact the cable. The developers believe that in addition to a unidirectional camera, a modern camera that shoots at 360 degrees can be placed on the device. Such a drone, with omnidirectional vision and the ability to quickly navigate in three-dimensional space, will solve many applied problems. However, there is currently no declaration of commercial use of this design.

Source: NewAtlas