Surface Neo - Microsoft dual-screen mobile computer (5 photos + video)

Modern mobile computer developerssystems are increasingly turning to devices with two screens that ruin the functionality of gadgets. Microsoft engineers have confirmed the circulating information for more than 10 years about the development in the bowels of the company of a similar device. At the fall presentation of its achievements, Microsoft introduced a prototype of Surface Neo, a dual-monitor gadget running Windows 10X.

Microsoft engineers didn't go for the mostThe current way is to create a mobile device with a large flexible screen. The prototype Surface Neo has two separate monitors, between which there is a fairly large free space.

Each of the two screens has a diagonal of 9 inches,equipped with a protective glass Gorilla Glass. The thickness of each half of Surface Neo is 5.6 mm and weighs 655 g. When folded, the device resembles a thick notebook. The sophisticated swivel mounts that Microsoft is famous for allow screens to rotate 360 ​​degrees and use Surface Neo in a variety of configurations.

The Surface Neo prototype is equipped with a special “hybrid” Intel Lakefield processor with the 11th generation graphics core that controls the operation of both screens simultaneously.

The device has a separate keyboard,which is fixed on the rear panel with magnetic mounts. However, it can also be installed on one of the screens, which becomes an additional input area, working as a trackpad. The location of the keyboard separately will allow you to work with an overview of both monitors. Data entry is also available using the virtual keyboard presented on one of the screens. It also supports working with the supplied Surface pen attached to the back of the device.

Detailed specifications are not reported. Microsoft said that the Surface Neo with two monitors will go on sale no earlier than the end of 2020.